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The Conception of the Trackit Switch

In 1987, Envirocom started installing individual door alarms at storage facilities. The door alarm switch on roll-up doors was definitely a weak link. We tried all the different type switches available and all the familiar problems including difficult installation, marginal operating gaps, flimsy brackets, loose screws and nuts, broken reed switches and magnets coming loose; all resulting in switch failures.

In 1993, Envirocom began protecting 625 roll-up doors at a storage facility with a new designed switch, the Trackit Switch. Many Trackit Switch installs followed with no problems. Therefore in May of 1996 the 1st government patent was submitted for approval for a composite reed-switch-bracket that mounts to a roll-up door track that does not sustain damage due to hard impacts.


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      Two years later in 1998, the patent was granted and the “switch is the bracket “approach made it possible to do away with all attachment hardware between the reed-switch housing and mounting bracket. By manufacturing the composite reed-switch-bracket out of a material that is impossible for someone to bend and is pop-riveted (not screwed) to the top of the door track, resulted in virtually all past switch and magnet misalignment problems being resolved (NO FALSE ALARMS).


      Since the switch does not get damaged due to hard impacts or shock a 2nd government patent was applied for and granted making the switch a OEM item of a roll-up door; the door-stop. With the existing doorstop being a bolt-on needed item for all roll-up doors, it is the perfect location for the reed switch. By using the door-stop to house the reed switch the installation was standardized and got even simpler and faster. There is no need to drill holes and put in invasive screws that may interfere with the normal operation of the door, or screws that are too short with only a thread holding them on. Invasive screws were not the intent of the door manufacturers design for the roll-up door. To date both Trac-Rite and Betco have made provisions for the Trackit Switch on their door-stops.


      A 3rd government patent was submitted to the patent office in early 2003 and was granted, expanding the electronic capabilities of the Trackit Switch. Now the switch not only secures an opening but also provides door controlled automation, making the Trackit Switch even more versatile. Now one switch and magnet can control multiple systems or devices such as the Smart automation control module, door alarms, stall lighting, HVAC dampers, exhaust fans, electric door locks, etc.. The Smart automation control module does not lock-up and is UL and c UL listed with a 277/120vac operating range with a 20 amp isolated load carrying characteristic and carries a five year limited warranty.