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Roll-Up Door Metal-Latch Monitor

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      Metal Latch Monitor Switch
Detects the insertion of any Flat Metal object within the opening.

The Trackit Overhead Door Metal-Latch Monitor Switch will work with any size latch. When the latch is inserted into the switch the ferrous latch shunts the magnetic field between the reed switch and the magnetic causing the contact circuit to close. Retracting the latch restores the magnetic field causing the circuit to open and indicates the latch is not in the switch. Not all of the latch type monitors being offered in the industry work reliably due to the different sizes of latches provided by the door manufacturers. Trackit Metal-Latch Monitor will work with any size ferrous latch-guaranteed. UL listed, constructed of impact resistant, fire retardant plastic. Each contact comes standard with 10 feet of jacketed cable, mounting bracket and two screws. All Latch Switches are only intended for control function monitoring only, such as metal latch detection for electric motor control, NOT AS A SECURITY DEVICE.


Disclaimer: ALL LATCH SWITCHES OFFERED IN THE INDUSTRY SHOULD NOT BE USED AS PART OF A SECURITY SYSTEM TO SECURE A DOOR. All Latch type switches do not work properly with a security system. When a latch switch totally fails, it will not indicate to the alarm system of the switch failure. If used as a security device on a roll-up door, the alarm system will never alarm the door until the latch is inserted into the switch. INSERTING A METAL OBJECT INTO THE OPENING FROM OUTSIDE THE DOOR EASILY DEFEATS ALL LATCH SWITCHES.
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