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Over 30 Years of Tried-and-True Testing & Performance.

Patented Technology

Trackit, Inc holds several patents, offering you trusted switch components that you can't get anywhere else.

Multifunction & Automation

Trackit’s new patented multifunction switch and automation modules make anything possible for your storage needs.

Trackit Switch: How it Works

We've sold tens of thousands switches over the past 30 years with outstanding performance and reliability. See the Trackit difference today!
The Trackit Switch Story

Over 30 Years of Tried-and-True Testing & Performance.

The Trackit Switch was engineered as a necessary piece of hardware for the company I started with the help of my partners in the late 1980s, Envirocom Inc.

As a company focused on high-end custom commercial automation systems, sitewide remote monitoring, and failproof alarm systems in the greater Houston area, we would sometimes struggle using the existing alarm switch packages that were available in the industry at the time, and, in the early 90s, that is where the idea of the Trackit Switch began.

We knew what was required to keep the promises made to our clients and that there were too many complicated work arounds using the switches that were available on the market so, using the jobsite experience of our installation crews and years of industry experience, I designed my own switch package.

Simple and Easy Installation

Getting up and running has never been easier. Follow our step-by-step guide.

The Only Multifunction Patented New Switch Technology in the Industry

For over 30 years of daily commercial use, the Trackit Switch has performed extremely well without flaw. The Trackit Switch is the easiest roll-up door switch to install in the industry.


No Invasive Hardware


Virtually Indestructible


in over 60,000 Switches

The Only Patented Multifunctional Switch Technology in the Industry.

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