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The Trackit Switch Story

Over 30 Years of Tried-and-True Testing & Performance.

The Trackit Switch was engineered as a necessary piece of hardware for the company I started with the help of my partners in the late 1980s, Envirocom Inc.

As a company focused on high-end custom commercial automation systems, sitewide remote monitoring, and failproof alarm systems in the greater Houston area, we would sometimes struggle using the existing alarm switch packages that were available in the industry at the time, and, in the early 90s, that is where the idea of the Trackit Switch began.

I knew what was required to keep the promises made to my clients and that there were too many complicated workarounds using the switches that were available on the market, so, using the job site experience of our installation crews and years of industry experience, I designed my own switch package.

Initially, my two major concerns were reliability and ease of installation. The two worries go hand-in-hand. A device that is over-engineered and a chore to install correctly in the proper location has a much greater chance of malfunctioning or not even working at all and is one of the reasons many individual door alarm systems can be abandoned in the first year.

These two key design principles led me to develop a new switch package technology: a multifunction glass reed switch that is virtually indestructible under any known conditions. After repeated successful field testing on all our jobs over several years, the first US government patent in what would grow into an entire line of patented products and innovations that all work in conjunction with one another was applied for and granted.

The Trackit Switch has proven its worth with almost thirty years of field application and is still offered at a very competitive price even in today’s market. To this day, it is also the easiest rollup door switch to install in the industry.

The Trackit Switch replaces the existing doorstop (head-stop) using the existing hardware supplied by the rollup door manufacturer to hold the original head-stop in place—no additional hardware is necessary that could damage the rollup door curtain or hinder the smooth operation of the door. Decades of reliable service make the patented Trackit Multifunction Rollup Door Switch a proven major player in the individual door alarm and custom control market.

Glen Gilmore
Inventor - Trackit Switch, co- Founder - Envirocom Inc

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