About Trackit Switch

The Trackit Switch Story

Over 30 Years of Tried and True Testing & Performance.

The Trackit Switch idea came about in the early 1990’s. An electronics based door alarm installation company in Houston had a hard time using existing alarm switch packages available at the time. There were no switch packages available that were easily installed. Reliability was also a major concern. The design of the Trackit Switch was done by an in house engineering department using the experience of installation crews. Consequently, a new switch package technology was developed. Shortly after the design was tested a patent was applied for and granted.

Twelve years of field application and 100,000 plus switches later the Trackit Switch is being offered at a very competitive price. The Trackit Switch is the easiest roll-up door switch to install in the industry.

The Trackit Switch replaces the existing door-stop (head-stop) using the same bolt and nut holding the original head stop in place. There is no additional hardware (screws, bolts, rivets, etc.) needed that will damage the roll-up door curtain or hinder the smooth functionality of the door. Years of reliable service make the Trackit Switch a major player in the door alarm market.

Glen Gilmore

Simple and Easy Installation

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