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Trackit Switch is the only multifunction patented new switch technology in the industry and it's super easy to install. Get yours today!

Trackit’s Proven Patented Multifunction Switch and Newly Patented Smart Automation Modules Have Limitless Possibilities for All Custom Control

Completely Automate Your Job Site – Anything You Can Think of!!!

  • Individual Door Alarms
  • Stall/Hall Lighting
  • Exhaust Fan Control
  • DVR/NVR Trigger
  • HVAC Control
  • Auxiliary Alarm System
  • Cell Phone Dialer
  • Entry/Exit Door Control

1. Trackit’s patented reed switch can be paired with our automation module to control individual stall lighting.

Simply running a low-voltage trigger wire from the Trackit Multifunction Switch to our automation control module will control the lighting of each stall individually based on the current state of the door (open/closed) in real-time. This improved energy efficiency has proven to save dramatically on annual energy consumption costs.

There is no longer a need to install mechanical timers on each stall on site to control stall lighting and waste valuable energy on unattended stalls or stuck/jammed timer dials. The average estimated price tag for a mechanical timer with EMT conduit can range anywhere from $150 – $350 per stall, while the Trackit Multifunction Reed Switch and Smart Automation Control Module starts around $95 per stall installed. Not only is this a tremendous initial savings on equipment and install, but because the stall light only turns on when the door is opened and immediately turns off when the door is closed there is a vast cost savings over the total lifetime of the facility by wasting less electricity compared to mechanical timers.

The following diagrams show a basic representation of how the Smart Automation Control Module combined with the Trackit Multifunction Reed Switch assembly function together and will compare that system to a conventional mechanical lighting timer layout, respectively.

Individual Stall Lighting/Door Alarm Control Using Trackit Multifunction Reed Switch Combined with Smart Automation Control Module

Individual Stall Lighting Control Using Conventional Mechanical Timer

2. Trackit also offers a proprietary Hallway Lighting Control System.

By using long range motion detectors in conjunction with switches on hallway doors we use less equipment than a conventional hallway lighting system. Our Hallway Lighting Control System is engineered with a dry contact output that can be used to trigger a multitude of devices including, but not limited to, a DVR/NVR, alarm panel, HVAC controller, or anything else you may desire. The diagram below shows a basic representation of how the Hallway Lighting Control System works.

Hallway Lighting Control