Ready to See What Trackit Switch Can Do For You?

Trackit Switch is the only multifunction patented new switch technology in the industry and it's super easy to install. Get yours today!

Trackit’s New Patented Multifunction Switch And Automation Modules Make Anything Possible For Your Storage Needs

Individual Door Alarms, Stall Lighting When The Door Opens And Closes, Exhaust Fan Control, Vcr Trigger, Hvac Shutoff, Auxiliary Alarm System, Anything You Can Think Of!!!

The Hallway Module Also Offers Tremendous Flexibility And Cost Savings!

1. Use the patented multifunction switch to control the stall lighting.

By using a low voltage trigger from the Trackit Multifunction Switch to our patented automation module, you save dramatically on stall lighting. The following diagram explains how the module and switch assembly works.

No longer is there a need to install mechanical timers in each stall. At an estimated price tag of $75 per stall for a mechanical timer with Emt conduit and a price tag of $45 for the Trackit Switch and Automation module, the cost savings are substantial on initial construction. The light in the stall is only on when the door is opened, and turns off when the door is closed. This also saves money over the life of the site by not wasting electricity due to mechanical timer run on. The diagram below explains how the system works and just below that is a diagram of a mechanical timer for a comparison.

The next drawing shows what has been used for conventional stall lighting control. The Emt conduit and timer are shown.

2. Trackit also offers a hallway lighting system.

We use less equipment than a conventional system, by using longer range motion detectors and switches on the hallway doors. The hallway lighting module also offers a dry contact output that can trigger a VCR, alarm panel, anything else you may want. The diagram below shows how it works.