Rollup Doorstop Switch Patent

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The first and only reed switch device that uses the doorstop as the switch. The Trackit Rollup Doorstop Switch configures to either retrofit to the preexisting doorstop that is already in place on the door track or comes as a kit including a doorstop that will precisely position and permanently attach the reed switch to the doorstop in the proper location for optimized function. The most simplified installation possible with up to three different methods of installation to ensure the install goes smoothly without fail. Allowing the user to either use a patented Trackit doorstop and reed switch to attach as one unit to the door track, attach the universal Trackit Reed Switch to a manufacture’s provided doorstop, or adapt any preexisting part of the door track for use with a track mounted reed switch.

Patent # US 7,057,484 B2

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