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Metal Latch Monitor Switch

Used to detect the presence of any ferrous metal/conductive object within rollup door track latch opening.

The Trackit Overhead Door Metal Latch Monitor Switch is only recommended for use monitoring the state of the door latch for control purposes and not to arm the door for security purposes. All Latch style switches can be easily defeated by any thin, flat piece of metal.

When the rollup door latch is engaged with the latch opening in the door track the ferrous metal latch shunts the magnetic field between the reed switch and the magnet. This causes the contact circuit to close and indicates the latch is within its opening on the rollup door track. Conversely, disengaging the door latch from its opening on the track will restore the magnetic field and allow the circuit to open which indicates the latch is no longer within the switch or latch opening. The way all “latch style” switch works with any ferrous/conductive object that is inserted into the latch opening along with how easily an object that simulates the latch can be inserted into the switch from outside the door is just one of the reasons why we DO NOT recommend using ANY latch switch as a security device. Rather, we only recommend latch switches for control function monitoring such as electric motor control via metal latch detection.

Trackit’s Overhead Door Metal Latch Monitor Switch is compatible with any size latch available on the market. Not all the latch type monitors currently offered in the industry work reliably due to the various sizes of latches provided by different door manufacturers. Our Metal Latch Monitor will work with any size ferrous latch on the market – guaranteed. It is UL listed, constructed of impact resistant, fire retardant plastic and each switch comes standard with 10 feet of jacketed cable, mounting bracket and two (2) screws for mounting.

Final DISCLAIMER: NO LATCH SWITCH THAT IS OFFERED IN THE INDUSTRY – INCLUDING OURS – SHOULD NOT BE USED AS PART OF A SECURITY SYSTEM TO SECURE A DOOR. They DO NOT conform to industry standard to properly secure an opening. All latch type switches work improperly as a security device and should only be used as a function control monitor. When a latch switch totally fails, it will not indicate to the alarm system of the switch failure. If used as a security device on a rollup door, the alarm system can only arm the door when the door latch is inserted into the latch switch. A LATCH TYPE SWITCH IS THE EASIEST TO DEFEAT OUT OF ALL SWITCHES AVALIBLE. Just inserting a metal object into the latch opening from outside the door will easily defeat all latch switches used as security devices. By leaving the metal object inserted into the latch switch and cutting the lock and opening the door, a potential thief has easily fooled the alarm system into believing that the door equipped with a latch switch device is still latched and no alarm will sound during the break in.